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Wit Travel explains Summer is the best for you and your family to visit Virginia Beach, VA. The beach has some of the best. If you’re looking to go on a great vacation or take a quick break, this is a great place: fun and exciting things to do off the beach. You can take a nice walk or kayak in the parks and natural areas close to where you live. Check out our list of the top-rated things you should do in Virginia Beach to get ideas.

Virginia Beach’s Best Places to Visit Say’s Wit Travel

Virginia Beach’s Oceanfront and Boardwalk

Wit Travel says During the summer; many individuals come to Virginia to spend time at the seaside. The city’s most famous beachside is the north side of the Virginia Beach Fishing Pier, adjacent to a long string of hotels. Most people go here. You can also find a shopping mall here. People enjoy playing on this long stretch of golden sand. It can be bustling during the summer, says Wit Travel.

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Aquarium and Marine Science Center

Wit Travel says if you want to have fun when you’re not at the beach, you can go right with the Virginia Aquarium, which is very interesting. This aquarium is located on the shores of Owls Creek.

It is a perfect location. Some decks look out over the water. There is lots of marine life in this place. Many animals, including sharks, seals, turtles, and rays, live in the sea. Additionally, there are many cool things to see, like Komodo Dragons.

State Park at First Landing

History and nature have come together to form a fantastic destination at this magical place called First Landing State Park. Well over 400 years ago, it was here that English colonists first stepped foot on American soil.

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It is now a beloved spot for visitors and locals to enjoy many activities: lying on the beach, hiking through the forest, and paddling through the water. It is also a way to learn more about the colonists and camp at the shore. There are cabins you can rent, or you can set up your base at the beach, says Wit Travel

Beaches in Sandbridge

Wit Travel suggests this beach for those who want to get away from the noise and crowds of the nearby resort area. With no hotels or condos, this section of the beach is more tranquil. You won’t be surrounded by as many people as you would on the main beach and boardwalk, letting you spend time alone in a peaceful environment to go for a walk, have a picnic, or relax.

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Wit Travel 4 Best Places to Visit in Virginia Beach, VA

A guide to the best things and places to eat in Virginia Beach. Tourists enjoy some of them, but some are less. Only some items on this list come from or go to Virginia Beach. In the area are some fun parks and places to go. Some people go to the beach and don’t leave, but others want to explore more.

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