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Wit Travel members recommend a once-in-a-lifetime adventure tour in Costa Rica to travelers looking for an exciting adventure experience. Wit Travel explains that Costa Rica is well known for its natural attributes, model conservatory, and a panoply of adventures.

Costa Rica is a tiny country that bridges North and South America and has more species of mammals and birds than any other place in the USA and Canada. It is also loaded with unmatched flora and fauna, unparalleled sports fishing, and a world-famous National Park system.

Wit Travel Reviews Vacationing In Costa Rica

Wit Travel Recommends Visiting Llano De Cortes Falls

Wit Travel members say that if travelers want to get the feel of Costa Rican passion for soccer, they should watch a soccer game. This way they can communicate with the locals and get to know their life and culture more closely. Just be careful not to root for the wrong team.

There are also many boat trips that tourists can enjoy. Although some may be expensive, taking a luxury boat trip is certainly one of the most beautiful ways to travel between two regions in Costa Rica. Our members looking for a more adventurous trip to Costa Rica often include excursions involving hiking, biking, or whitewater rafting.

The beautiful tropical rainforest creates a backdrop of awe-inspiring scenery, making the adventure trip overflowing with beauty and excitement. And, of course, there are also plenty of beaches for relaxing and enjoying the warm tropical waters as well.

Wit Travel Reviews Vacationing In Costa Rica 3

Wit Travel Recommends Visiting Virgin Rainforest

Costa Rica is the only area that has a vast virgin rainforest left. Its rivers and mountains create a magnificent landscape, and the traditional cuisine is simply ravishing. Tourists arise early in the morning to the calls of the wild toucans and parrots and start off on their adventure. The Keel-Billed Toucan is a favorite among visitors and locals and has become one of the most endearing images of Costa Rica.

Visitors say that beautiful rivers in Costa Rica form gorges when water tumbles down its green-carpeted cliffs and creates whitewater rivers. Costa Rica is the land of magnificent rivers and many sightseeing attractions that tourists should never miss. Costa Rica is full of wonderful vacation experiences, from beaches to jungles to quaint villages, it truly does offer something for everyone.

Wit Travel Reviews Vacationing In Costa Rica 3

Enjoying the Rolling Cultural Tour in the area and visiting one locale to another is a real holiday experience that creates long-lasting memories. Wit Travel members recommend tourists enjoy all the water activities in Costa Rica, including surfing, jet skiing, snorkeling, fishing, and SCUBA Diving, just to name a few.

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